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Culinary Related Tours

Brooklyn, NY Pizza Tour

Savor the flavors of Brooklyn, NY, on a mouthwatering Pizza Tour with Starr Tours. Explore diverse neighborhoods, sample delicious slices, and discover why Brooklyn is hailed as a pizza lover's paradise.

Dates: 8/6/2024 and 10/27/2024
Finger Lakes of New York: Lakes & Grapes

Experience the beauty of the Finger Lakes region of New York with Starr Tours. Explore serene lakes, lush vineyards, and charming towns, indulging in scenic views and delicious wines along the way.

Duration: 3 Days
Dates: 8/5/2024 and 9/9/2024
Gourmet & Gourds - Carlisle, PA

Join Starr Tours for a delightful journey to Carlisle, PA, to indulge in a culinary adventure with a Lunch & Learn at Kitchen Shoppe, followed by a fascinating walking tour and shopping experience at Meadowbrook Gourds.

Date: 9/25/2024
Hudson Valley, NY Highlights

Discover the picturesque beauty and cultural treasures of the Hudson Valley, NY, with Starr Tours. Explore historic sites, charming towns, and West Point, immersing yourself in the rich heritage of this enchanting region.

Duration: 3 Days
Date: 7/24/2024
Newport, RI: LobsterFest

Indulge in a savory seafood adventure at the Newport, RI LobsterFest. Enjoy a lobster lunch along with a show and a delightful Cabaret offering up songs and laughter.

Duration: 3 Days
Date: 10/14/2024
Seafood & Wildlife: Dorchester County, MD

Experience the flavors of the Chesapeake Bay with our Seafood & Wildlife tour in Dorchester, MD. Indulge in fresh seafood while exploring the region's natural beauty and wildlife.

Date: 8/14/2024
Tuscany, Italy: A Culinary Journey

Indulge in the world-renowned Tuscan cuisine, sip on exquisite wines, explore picturesque vineyards, and discover hidden gems on this unforgettable Tuscany, Italy adventure!

Duration: 9 Days
Date: 11/5/2024

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